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About Amma Psydac

Amma Psydac Society for Mental Health, a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, is a voluntary non-profit organization established with the vision to fight for the cause of the neglected community of differently-abled and mentally ill. The society was formed through the association of a group of high networth individuals with Adv. K. T. Krishnadas being the President of the Society and Mr. Sumesh Kambuzha the Secretary and located at Kavuvattam, Cherpulassery, Palakkad District, Kerala State.

Mission Statement

We at ‘Amma’ are determined to develop techniques that help the intellectually disabled section of the society to enhance the quality of their life.

  • An infrastructure capable of meeting every clinical/therapeutic demand at an affordable price tag
  • An environment that encourages the patients and their supporters to continue the treatment until they get the maximum result;
  • Access to the best available technological resources and support; and
  • A shared governance structure to oversee the management, evaluation and continuing renewal of the support efforts.


With this objective the Society runs a clinic viz. ‘AMMA MULTI SPECIALITY CLINIC’ at Cherpulassey in Palakkad District. ‘Amma’ reiterates its commitment towards the creation of better understanding between the patient and the practitioner.  While standing for this cause it is known to ‘Amma’ that most of its concepts are kindred to the standard practices followed in the treatment but the fundamental difference being the maternal love, affection and support ‘Amma’ imparts to all its beneficiaries. Tailor made solutions and services are given most cost-effectively to the needy patient.


‘Amma’ identifies the following sections of patients as its beneficiaries.

  1. Individuals with childhood disorders (Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and conduct disorders etc.);
  2. Individuals with Psychological Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Personality disorders and Neurological Disorders etc.)
  3. Children with learning disability;
  4. Children with speech and language problems.
  5. Individuals with motor difficulty.


‘Amma Psydac Society for Mental Health’ has developed a set of standards and guidelines for the creation of awareness in the society.  A proactive approach to bring in changes in the mindset of the general public has been employed to make this a reality. ‘Amma’ offers services in the following areas:

  • Organises workshops/training sessions for the therapists and special educators to help them update with the latest developments.
  • Organises awareness camps every year to create awareness among the general public about the mental health issues and its management.
  • Conducted awareness programme with the help of social service organisations at different socially backward settlements when multiple suicide cases were reported.
  • Provides Psychosocial rehabilitation support to NGOs’.
  • Conducts Evaluation camps at schools to identify the children with learning disability and other behavioural issues. .
  • Provides the service of Clinical Psychologists ,Speech Therapists and occupational therapists to  BRCs’ to take evaluation during their evaluation camps.
  • Provides Clinical support to the bed-ridden patients through home visits with the assistance of local palliative care units.
  • Conducts Leaning Disability Camps during the summer vacation.
  • Helps in reducing sensory issues, gross and fine development.
  • Visual motor Perceptual development.
  • Handwriting development.
  • Helps in dealing with neurological disorders

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